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    19 Facts We Learned About “Millennials” In 2013

    1. According to this report, millennials can be awkward.

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    2. Reportedly, some millennials live with their parents.

    3. Their dating habits, apparently, are different.

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    4. One report suggests that some millennials feel stress.

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    5. And allegedly some are unemployed. Womp womp.

    6. Some are saying that millennials like to travel.

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    7. And apparently they love room service.

    8. One study found that millennials love sandwiches.

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    9. It’s been observed that millennials have huge boobies.

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    10. Reportedly, millennials care about other people.

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    11. This report finds that millennials may or may not stand a chance in the real world.

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    12. Some conjecture that millennials don’t like it when things don’t go their way.

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    13. Science has found that millennials like themselves.

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    14. One journalist discovered that millennials are marrying young.

    15. And apparently, they aren’t fans of being in debt.

    16. Surveys found that millennials are at least a little bit influenced by internet ads.

    17. This report found that a lot of millennials like Washington, D.C., but they also like other cities.

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    18. Allegedly, millennials are sometimes forgetful.

    19. But, if nothing else, they will save the world.

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