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    24 Reasons Everything Looks Better In 8-Bit

    Noirlac clearly draws his inspiration from 8-bit animation, and many of his own animations directly emulate or expand upon classic games of the NES/SNES era. The majority of his animations, however, are real-life locations translated into an 8-bit version of themselves, or an imagined place turned into reality—well, eight bits of reality, at least.

    Instead of constraining himself to the fictional worlds that the most fortunate (and talented) among us have already explored and conquered, Noirlac has made much of our own world look like scenery right out of an NES cartridge. Take a look at some of the most fantastic, and then check it out yourself.

    9. Some of Noirlac’s animations also sassily parody the choose-your-own-adventure style of the era:

    10. But most of them are a bit more, uh, serious than that.


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    14. No matter where you find yourself, though, it pretty much all looks cooler than our whatever-bit lives.

    (Oh yeah, and you can buy T-shirts and prints. Thought you might want to know.)

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