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    26 Sure Signs You’re A Physics Graduate

    1. You remember where you were when the Higgs boson discovery was announced.

    2. You put signs like this up around your workplace.

    4. You feel superior to people who studied humanities.

    5. And subjects that call themselves a science, but aren’t really.

    6. Mainly because you suspect that while you were in the library doing problem sheets, those people were having fun.

    7. When you do go out, this is how you spend your time.

    8. Half the people from your undergrad class now work here. / David Iliff / Creative Commons

    9. Or here. / Ramy Majouji / Creative Commons

    10. But you’re more jealous of the people who work here.

    Flickr: arselectronica / CERN / Maximilien Brice

    11. You’re a little bit in love with Richard Feynman.

    12. And you’d happily spend an afternoon here.

    You can now read volume one of Feynman’s lectures online!

    13. You saw this joke…

    … and immediately set about correcting the equations.

    Bonus: discussion on whether the fixed version is really fixed.

    14. You’ve suffocated so many spherical cows in your calculations.

    You've suffocated so many spherical cows in your calculations.

    View this image › / Creative Commons

    15. But you’re not totally heartless.

    16. You fear for Maru every time he gets into a box.

    17. It took a while to get used to there being only one girl in your class.

    (Especially if that was you.)

    18. You’ve used entropy as an excuse not to tidy your desk.

    19. You prefer the actual Big Bang theory to the TV show.

    20. You remember the first time a lecturer tried to explain Dirac notation.

    21. And the moment you finally got it and realised it was going to make your life a whole lot easier.

    22. This induces a state of mild panic.

    Bonus points if you know what it is.

    23. And you still think the answer to that is more coffee.

    24. Your degree was a lot of hard work, and at times you felt like giving up.

    25. But you learnt some valuable skills.

    26. And you’re really glad you stuck with it to the end.

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