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    Buzzysays There is A Man Lets Two of the World’s Deadliest Snakes Bite Him Back-to-Back to Prove “Immunity”

    Meet Tim Friede, the man who has done more for immunology than most of us would ever dream of and he’s really going above and beyond in the way he does it.

    Seriously, it’s not something any sane or rational person would decide to do, he allows snakes to bite him so vaccines can be made; he’s immune!

    He’s received over 160 snake bites through his dedicated 16 years, and he doesn’t intend to give it up anytime soon, at least not until there’s a vaccine for them all! Unfortunately his bravery has almost cost him his life, and it’s also cost him a marriage. Even though what he’s doing is morally right his wife couldn’t bear the stress, and asking her to do so would have been unfair.

    This Venom Man has helped more people than he knows, and to keep up the hot streak he decided to allow both a Black Mamba and a Taipan to bite his arms back to back. The funny part is that he didn’t even need medical attention afterwards, so arguing about how effective it really is would be pointless. Whatever he’s doing just works, and his sacrifices to continue on this path have been astronomical; so thank you Venom Man, from all of us!

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