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    Community Post: 10 Great Gifts For Your Gluten Free Gal

    1. GF Lip Balms

    For the girly girl in your life, you can’t go too wrong with cosmetics. Many GF people are fine with makeup but lip products can be a concern. Check out EOS Sweet Mint, Summer Fruit or Honeysuckle Honeydew just to name a few.

    2. Gourmet Popcorns

    Popcornopolis offers loads of certified gluten free popcorn gifts in some mouthwatering flavors like Candy Cane Crunch, Cranberry Orange and Pumpkin Spice!

    3. Gluten Free Beer Making Kit

    Who doesn’t like beer? There are more GF beers available every day but why not experiment with trying to make one together?

    4. Girls Love Clothes, Enough Said

    Gluten free t-shirts are getting cuter by the day. Make her happy.

    5. Homemade Chocolate Covered GF Pretzels

    It can be hard to miss out on some holiday favorites, so take a little time and make her this classic. They aren’t difficult and she’ll love that you made the effort!

    6. A Gift Basket!

    You could buy one but you could also make one yourself! The lifestyle is expensive so stocking up our pantry is welcomed! Think corn or rice pastas, bread or cake mixes, Crunchmaster or Nut Thin crackers. There are loads of tasty products out there. And it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a bottle of wine!

    7. Cook Books

    Like I said, the products can be expensive so many people want to learn how to make breads and baked goodies for themselves. This is a great way to start!

    8. Cooking Classes

    Early on, classes can really help. If you are friends with a newcomer then look up some local options.

    9. Gluten Free Lifestyle Magazines

    Take a peak at Gluten-Free Living, Simply Gluten Free and Delight Gluten Free subscriptions.

    10. When in doubt, give a gift card but explain WHY you picked the place.

    Many restaurants now have extensive gluten free menus so do a little research, pick one and let her know why you chose it. Some suggestions include Outback, Red Robin, PF Changs and you can’t miss with Whole Foods either!

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