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    Community Post: 14 Ways To Properly Celebrate Your Birthday The Amy Poehler Way

    1. Start your day off by proclaiming positivity toward the heavens.

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    2. Eat breakfast in bed.

    Then fall right back to sleep, covered in the crumbs of your gluttony.

    3. Your response whenever somebody asks you what day it is.

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    In fact, start every conversation with this true fact of truth.

    4. Your response when your boss tells you to do something on this very special day of yours

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    6. Your birthday becomes a special kind of cheat day.

    7. Host a Harry Potter movie marathon.

    Be sure to remind your guests that it’s BYOK: Bring Your Own Kleenex.

    8. Seize every opportunity to bust a move.

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    9. Also, recruiting back-up dancers is badass.

    Preferably strangers you’ve just met.

    10. Of course, it’s also perfectly okay to have a quiet evening of take-out and Netflix.

    11. Let the birthday festivities run for the entire week!

    It takes about one “birth week” to celebrate your awesomeness.

    12. Remind yourself that age is only a number

    13. Spend the entire day chuckling with your BFF

    14. Whatever you do, just keep in mind…

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