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    Community Post: 25 Ways To Know You Live In The Queen City

    1. At least 5 of your friends disappear and aren’t heard from until after tax season.

    2. “We have the best named weatherman in the business” is one of your trump cards when arguing why Charlotte’s better than another city.

    3. You’ve felt significantly underdressed while working out at the Dowd.

    4. You’ve been to the National Whitewater Center multiple times … but the only liquid you’ve touched is beer.

    And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    5. You learn more about golf during the Wells Fargo Championship than you ever did in your life. (Assuming you’re not a golfer).

    And incase you didn’t know everything about golf, it can be found here.

    6. You prefer Price’s Chicken Coop to any and all other fried chicken.

    7. You run into at least 10 people you know at the ‘Club’ Teeter whenever you go … so you always make sure to look presentable.

    8. You still go to the Charlotte Observer daily out of habit … and get angry when this pops up.

    Hint: You’d make more in ad revenue if you didn’t charge everyone $100+ per year to read your stories.

    9. You’ve knocked over multiple beers at VBGB playing giant Jenga.

    10. You or a friend had at least one Johnny Knoxville sighting while he was filming in Charlotte.

    11. You prefer 7th St. Market to Starbucks to chill or study.

    Josh at the Assorted Table Wine ShoppeNot Just CoffeePure PizzaOrrman’s Cheese Shop … the place has it all.

    12. You also prefer Common Market to Subway.

    13. You’ve been held up by these guys in traffic on multiple occasions.

    You've been held up by these guys in traffic on multiple occasions.

    View this image ›

    14. You try to avoid the Epicenter during weekends whenever possible.

    I get it, there are a few exceptions (AA5). But for the most part the place has lost all appeal to the locals. Take notes from 5th St, South End, NoDa, and Montford.

    15. You’ve been a badass and ridden the Light Rail without a ticket once or twice.

    16. You remember the DNC like it was yesterday … and wish to never go through it again.

    17. The Penguin has taken at least 5 years off your life.

    18. You always appreciate the cleverness of the crosswalk outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

    19. You’re emailed about another bar crawl every freaking day.

    For real guys. We get it, you’re making a lot of money off of these bar crawls, but it’s getting ridiculous.

    Stop having a different bar crawl every weekend. With the exception of St. Patty’s day … they’re getting kind of old.

    20. Chances are your favorite beer come from or around NoDa

    Via NoDa (Charlotte neighborhood) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    21. Pinky’s has taken another 5 years off your life.

    22. You’ve been waiting for the Uptown ball park for way too long.

    23. You miss the old Cans on Panther’s game day.

    Assuming you weren’t going to the game of course.

    24. You’ve seen the bike rental stations … but never actually seen anyone rent a bike.

    25. You watch Homeland just to see if you recognize parts of Charlotte or people.

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