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    Community Post: 30 Signs You Were A Teenager In The Early 2000s

    1. A Facebook account eluded you because your email address didn’t end in .edu

    2. That’s ok you still had a Myspace.

    3. You wore flip flops with everything,

    4. or convinced your parents to buy you Heelys.

    5. The great debate consisted of whether to buy American Eagle, Abercrombie, Holister, or Aeropostale.

    You really shouldn’t be wearing this stuff after high school.

    6. All your music was burned onto a CD

    Customized artwork on the face optional.

    7. Which probably included Blink 182,

    8. 50 Cent,

    Go shawty, it’s your birthday.

    10. You made things “complicated” by wearing a tie.

    11. Girls idolized Sex in the City and wanted to grow up and be like one of the women on the show.

    Samantha not so much.

    12. You remember the last days of TRL.

    When MTV actually played music videos.

    13. At least one poster of Abercrombie models was on the walls of your room.

    Everybody loves twins.

    14. Jessica and Nick seemed like the perfect couple.

    The best things never last.

    15. You were the envy of all your friends with your bedazzled RAZR.

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    16. If you didn’t have a RAZR you were trying to get the highest score on Snake 2 with your Nokia 3310.

    17. Oh, and you could text lighting fast with T-9.

    Still the fastest texting system ever.

    18. Calls to friends had to be made after 7p.m. because you had free nights and weekends.

    19. Going over your texting limit was also a HUGE no no.

    Well before the days of unlimited texting.

    20. Ripped jeans were a staple of your wardrobe.

    21. All your music was downloaded was from Napster,

    (Audiogalaxy Satellite, Kazaa,)

    22. ,or LimeWire.

    R.I.P. free, easily accessible music .

    23. Picking a ringtone was a difficult decision.

    24. Lizzie McGuire was a TV staple.

    25. You paid way too much for that Von Dutch hat

    26. Seeing Ashton wear trucker hats on Punk’d was your inspriration.

    27. You watched the first XFL game.

    And never saw another one after that.

    28. An assortment of puka shell necklaces was on your dresser.

    Deciding on which one to wear was a tough choice.

    Classic, choker, or shark tooth?

    29. You remember the infamous J-Lo dress.

    How could you not?

    30. 9/11 changed your life forever.

    R.I.P to all the ones lost. We will never EVER forget.

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