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    Community Post: How Hull Are You?

    1. You know what this majestic hunk of grey concrete is.

    Golden Gate Bridge, who?

    2. You know that this is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

    Magic spice.

    3. You know that this was probably a complete waste of money.

    Hey, The Deep, are you supposed to look like the Titanic sinking? ‘Cause you do.

    4. You know that this golden masterpiece is the city’s greatest achievement. And that the rest of us did absolutely nothing to get it. Thanks, Luke, we <3 it.

    5. You understand the following…

    1. Someone comments to you on the “state of your fizzog”. What are they referring to?

    2. Your father tells you that one of his garden gnomes has been “kifed”. What’s happened to it?

    3. Your friend tells you that she is going into town “on pushog”. How is she getting there?

    4. You have no “kel”. What is it?


    Anyone? Me neither.

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    6. You know that this bargain wonderland is practically Harrods.

    7. You know who this A-lister is.

    <3 Peter <3

    8. You know that these bad boys are BREADCAKES.

    9. And that this is a TENFOOT.

    10. But, perhaps most importantly, you know that for two weeks every October, this street:

    11. Transforms into THIS:

    All the diabetes-inducing foods we can stuff in our faces + hundreds of potentially life endangering rides for two whole weeks?! Oh Hull, you do spoil us.

    12. … If you understood all of the above, congratulations, you are 100% Hull.

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