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    Discovering The Real truth about fat and sugar is finally explained

    Diets have come and gone, and each time a new fad surfaces it is promoted as being the be all end all of how to eat healthy and lose body fat. Then what happens? Five to ten years pass and suddenly it is essentially disproved.

    For years it was the low-fat diet. Americans scrambled to get their daily fat intake into single digits, while consuming enormous amount of carbs. As long as the label said 0 fat grams then all was good. Carb away. Foods that contain sugar? Well sugar is fat-free, so no worries there.

    This led to a lot of people getting much fatter and diseases seemed to increase. All those nasty refined carbs were deemed OK by the diet industry and all the substitutes to make foods fat free turned out to be not so healthy chemical additives.

    Then carbs became the bad guy and everyone went low carb while ingesting high amounts of saturated fats to get into a state of ketosis. People took it to the extreme eating only protein and fat and ignoring vegetables and the many health providing nutritious carbs.

    So what have we learned from these past decades of back and forth food trends?

    Now it seems, a more rational approach is being taken. All the low-fat labels are being seen as mostly marketing scams, as it turns out fats from healthy and natural sources are not bad, and are actually healthy.

    So whats the bottom line? What is the real enemy out there? Sugar! It turns out fats not the villain after all, it is definitely sugar which is causing all the problems we see. Matter of fact there is now more and more recognition that there is a clear addiction to sugar. Think about it. How easy is it for you to polish off a big bag of candy, and then rip open a second bag? Does anyone ever have just one oreo cookie? You end up having about 10 more right, and then swig it down with some huge sugary drink! Now think about an egg yolk. Does anyone ever go on mad egg yolk binges? Of course not. Its always the sugar which is associated with the addicting binge behavior.

    There is even the first ever sugar addiction rehab center which just recently opened in South Africa, so there is a wider recognition of who the real villain is – sugar!

    Sugars and refined carbohydrates are the real reason people are getting sicker and more obese as they over produce insulin which creates fat storage and causes a number of bad health problems.

    The key is having healthy proteins like organic eggs and grass fed beef. Healthy fats like olive oil and almonds should be consumed. And carbohydrates should be focused mainly on vegetables with some added fruits and grain sources. Carbohydrates in the form of white breads, which are refined carbs, can increase triglyceride levels, contributing to heart disease. And of course refined sugars are out as well.

    A Mediterranean-inspired diet is also a healthy eating style which focuses on healthy fats and avoids sugars. This kind of eating has been shown to increase energy levels dramatically, and it can definitely eliminate that layer of stubborn fat you may have been holding onto for years.

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