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    Get a Second Phone Number for Your Business |

    Get a Second Phone Number for Your Business |

    When you’re in business, a professional image is important. Here’s how a phone number can make all the difference. You just started your small business so your personal phone number is doubling as your business phone number. It seemed like an easy way to go, but more than once now you’ve slipped, and answered an important client call with a “hey what’s up?” Besides being embarrassing, your casual tone may make you look unprofessional, undermining your business’s credibility.

    If you’ve accidentally answered more than one client call like it’s your cousin or best friend calling, it’s probably time to get a business phone number. With a dedicated business phone number, you’ll look and sound more professional. Plus when you know it’s your business line ringing, you can answer it faster and in the right mindset. And when you can’t answer, your business line calls go directly to a dedicated voicemail box. You can record a professional greeting that instills confidence in clients and prospects, and you can even set up your business hours so incoming calls outside those times are automatically routed to voicemail. Having your business messages separate from your personal messages, makes retrieving, prioritizing, and returning client calls more efficient. Plus a business number lets you keep your personal phone number private, and helps draw a line between your work life and the rest of your life.

    No matter the size of your business you want to be taken seriously, right? Then consider a dedicated business phone number and sound even more like a pro..


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