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    If The Only Animal You Ride Is A Horse, You Are Seriously Missing Out.

    Horses are so last century. If you’re a rider, it’s time to broaden your horizons and see what the rest of the world has to offer in terms of animal transportation. Although, some of these epic rides seem like they’d much rather eat you than let you ride them. (But hey, if you wanted to be boring, you’d drive a car like everyone else.)

    It’s time to pimp your animal ride:

    1.) Ostrich – Australia, South Africa

    (I thought only cartoon characters did this.)

    2.) Reindeer – Finland, Mongolia

    3.) Zebra – China

    All of the yes.

    4.) Camel – Egypt, Australia, China

    5.) Lion – Argentina

    This may be the most impressive man that ever lived.

    6.) Dolphin – United States, Mexico, Australia, and many other countries.

    7.) Elephant – Thailand, South Africa

    8.) Giant Tortoise – Kenya

    9.) Yak – China, Tibet, Mongolia, Pakistan

    10.) Llama – United States, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina

    11.) Giraffe – South Africa

    12.) Water Buffalo – Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam

    13.) Hippopotamus – South Africa, but nowhere safely

    14.) Pig (FOR BABY MONKEYS ONLY) – Our Hearts

    (via Distractify)

    Remember, just because you can ride these animals doesn’t mean you should. If you encounter one of them in the wild, don’t assume you can climb on its back and go for a stroll. Even if you do come across a working animal, make sure that it is working under fair conditions before supporting animal cruelty and putting yourself in danger.

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