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    Liberals see the end of Romney campaign in undercover video!/ggreenwald/status/247833032504008706

    Unless Jimmy Carter’s grandson has gone so far into opposition research that he’s actually working for Mitt, we’re not sure how to blame the Romney campaign for mishandling the leak of video shot in secret and uploaded anonymously, but someone’s managing to do it.

    I can't believe Romney's incompetent campaign made him look like a socially inept plutocrat with no consistent principles, fire them all

    — alex pareene (@pareene) September 17, 2012

    To think that the Eastwood speech has fallen out of the top five mistakes made by the Romney campaign is just astounding.

    — Mark Schofield (@MarkSchofield) September 18, 2012

    Plenty of liberals are sounding the death knell for Romney 2012 following the release of the video, even as conservatives are finding a lot to like in Romney’s not-so-shocking revelation that the nation in pretty evenly split between those who subscribe to an entitlement mentality and those who don’t.

    Too late for a do-over for the GOP? So say those who were never going to vote for a Republican candidate anyway.

    Hate to say it but Santorum was right: Mitt Romney is the worst Republican in the country to run against Pres Obama. #edshow

    — Steve Weinstein (@steveweinstein) September 18, 2012

    4 years ago John McCain thought Sarah Palin was a better running mate than Mitt Romney. You have to admire his political instincts.

    — Robert Asselin (@rasselin66) September 17, 2012

    GOP incredible in their delusion saying Romney shld be winning. Why? He has horrific policies, is incompetent on every level.

    — LiberalPhenom (@LiberalPhenom) September 16, 2012

    We need to send in Bain to restructure Mitt Romney's campaign.

    — Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) September 17, 2012

    At this point I'm amazed that the Salt Lake City Olympics went off without constant fires and explosions.

    — daveweigel (@daveweigel) September 18, 2012

    Romney supporters aren’t so sure this “gaffe” is such a gaffe after all. A new Rasmussen poll shows Romney with a two-point lead nationally, a position made possible by a large number of people who agree with his sentiments, even if they were as he said later, “not elegantly stated.” If this is a gaffe, pick it up and run with it.

    Romney needs to set the narrative, and start doing it now. I am tired of him defending himself. Step out Mitt.

    — Chuck Woolery (@chuckwoolery) September 18, 2012

    Romney's right not to waste his time pandering to voters like Henrietta Hughes & Julio the O-bot. Remember them?==>

    — Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) September 18, 2012

    Romney supporters have their own way of stating things with a certain elegance.

    Romney: 47% of us are government leeches. Obama 100% of us are government leeches. #youdidntbuildthat

    — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) September 18, 2012

    Instead of being outraged that Romney said 47% don't pay federal income taxes, be outraged that 47% don't pay federal income taxes.

    — Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) September 18, 2012

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