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    Shailene Woodley’s Very Unique Christmas Gift Guide

    Fred Prouser / Reuters

    Shailene Woodley likes to keep it simple. Well known for her adherence to a natural lifestyle and diet, she did not have an internet connection in her last home, which was located in the mountains. Now, as she says, “I don’t even have a home, I’m just drifting.”

    Because Woodley travels so much, she decided to “purge” most of her possessions and live out of a suitcase, bouncing from friends’ couch to friends’ couch when back in Los Angeles. But despite the lack of personal space, she is pushing on with her passion for homemade crafts, making gifts for everyone on her Christmas list again this year.

    “I don’t like giving gifts that you feel people aren’t going to use,” she told BuzzFeed this week, before suggesting a host of present ideas for readers who don’t want to go to the mall during the mad rush before the big day. “Don’t go to Walmart!” she urged, and with a bit of effort and willingness to get your hands dirty, you won’t have to.

    1. Tea Towels

    “This year I think I’m going to be making tea towels for everyone, or place mats. You can just get your favorite fabric and you can screen print it with what you want to add to it, or paint what you want, or sew a cute little edge.”

    2. Bread

    “Everyone likes food, so a foolproof way is to make a loaf of bread and wrap it in a really cute tea towel, and give that as a gift. No one is going to not like that.”

    3. Candles

    “I think it’s fun to make candles!”

    4. Bath salts

    “In the past I’ve made bath salts and lotion for friends and family!”

    5. Calendars

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