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    Special K Filled A Clothing Store With The Mean Comments Women Make About Their Own Bodies

    1. Special K cereal has a new ad out called “Shhhhut Down Fat Talk,” and it’s been getting a lot of attention.

    2. They noticed how often women complain about their bodies on social media.

    3. And decided they wanted to address what they called “fat talk.”

    4. So they collected the statuses and tweets…

    5. And filled a fake boutique with them.

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    9. The results were unnerving and shocking for a lot of the shoppers, seeing the “fat talk” out in the open like that.

    10. The point of the campaign is that feeling negative about your body isn’t the right way to lose weight or even to live.

    11. Most of the shoppers that entered their fat talk store were unnerved at first but then said it was like a window into their own heads.

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