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    The 14 Types Of Parties We All End Up Going To

    Ain’t no party like a whatever-this-party-is party.

    1. The Drink Wine and Talk Forever About Deep Topics Party

    The Drink Wine and Talk Forever About Deep Topics Party

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    If it’s 12 a.m. or later and your friends have been drinking, they are suddenly experts on a whole lot of things they need to tell you about for hours.

    2. The Viewing Party

    The Viewing Party

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    The viewing party requires constant strategy. You have to fight for the best seat and make sure no one steals it. And then you have to have a non-view-blocking path to the snacks or you’re totally screwed. And if you get stuck in a dining room chair off to the side in no-man’s-land, game over. You failed.

    3. The Bachelor Party

    The Bachelor Party

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    Just focus on the stripper and try to block out any deep inner feelings of sadness.

    4. The Bachelorette Party

    The Bachelorette Party

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    Just think, one day someone said, “You know what the world needs? A penis straw.” And then it really happened.

    5. The Dance Party

    The Dance Party

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    Dance parties typically happen after someone aggressively says “We want to dance” a bunch of times. They’re not taking no for an answer.

    6. The Kid’s Birthday Party

    The Kid's Birthday Party

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    This will be fine. This will be totally fine. This was a good idea.

    7. The Adult Birthday Party

    The Adult Birthday Party

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    Going to someone’s birthday party and going to the dentist become eerily similar.

    8. The Game Night Party

    The Game Night Party

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    Games are fun…and risky. Giggles dissolve into tense conversations about the correct way to keep store until even Cards Against Humanity turns brother against brother.

    9. The Costume Party

    The Costume Party

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    It’s fun to dress up…until you realize a costume interferes drastically with all basic functions of life.

    10. The Frat Party

    The Frat Party

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    Whatever happens, the dean is going to be upset.

    11. The Awkward Dinner Party

    The Awkward Dinner Party

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    Hosting a dinner party always seems like a good idea right up until the people are in your home and you have to keep feeding them and talking to them.

    12. The Pizza Party

    The Pizza Party

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    Not much can elicit joy like the phrase “pizza party.” It’s perhaps the simplest party concept there is. You could probably call any group gathering involving pizza a “pizza party.” Hell, you eating pizza alone in your apartment can qualify as a pizza party.

    13. The Slumber Party

    The Slumber Party

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    The childhood slumber party is the fastest way to find out which of your friends are dicks, if you didn’t already. You never truly realize some of your friends are out of control until you have to share a sleeping arrangement.

    14. The Sausage Party

    The Sausage Party

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    A sausage party is when you get together with some friends to sample a bunch of different kinds of sausages. It’s pretty fun.

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