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    The Best Cleaning Tools For Homes With Drooly Dogs

    When I first brought my pup Lady home, I knew I had to stock up on lint rollers and paper towels, but I had no idea fur and pee would just be the tip of the messy iceberg when it came to cleaning up after her. Every time I opened the fridge or made myself a snack, pools of drool would collect under my feet. When I left the house and waved goodbye from the driveway, my little saliva Picasso would press her nose up against the windows and leave masterpieces for me to clean later.

    I had to learn the best ways to keep up with my slobber monster if I wanted a drool-free home. So if your daily struggle involves fretting over dried dog spit, allow me to point you to some cleaning tools that helped me.

    Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner
    Best for homes with wall-to-wall carpeting

    My first home with carpeting in it was the home I first shared with Lady, so I got a crash course on keeping that thing clean and let me tell y’all — it was rough. Between potty training accidents, the occasional “WHAT IS THAT IN YOUR MOUTH–OHMYGODNO” vomit rockets, and the ever-present drool, I quickly became BFFs with my carpet cleaner.

    The things I look for in a carpet cleaner are:
    Lightweight. If it feels like a workout, I won’t clean as often and I’ll wallow in the filth for ages.
    Fast dry time. I don’t want to spend an entire day blocking off sections of my house from my dog while the carpet dries.
    Affordability. I’m not spending my kid’s college money on home gadgets.

    SpinScrub Technology
    Automatic detergent mixing system
    20-foot power cord

    LOVED BY: Tim H.
    BUY HERE, $160

    Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover
    Best for stubborn odors

    This stuff works for any kind of odor and I know it has to do with some kind of enzymatic action breaking down the bacteria that causes odor but really I’m happy with just calling it what it is: MAGIC.

    Light citrus scent
    32 oz, comes in other sizes

    LOVED BY: ME and everyone who’s ever used this.
    BUY HERE, $13

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads
    Best for drool spots on walls

    If you’ve got flat (or even eggshell) paint on your walls, you know the struggle of watching your dog shake his entire body and sling spittle everywhere. The spots dry and there’s really nothing you can do except paint over the whole thing. But wait! With Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads, you can actually just buff away the spots and no one will ever be able to tell that your dog’s snot once decorated your place.

    Cleans with water alone
    No harsh chemicals
    Removes dirt all around the home

    LOVED BY: Tasmai
    BUY HERE, $7

    Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner
    Best for quick spot cleaning

    This spot cleaner can be used to treat stains in upholstery, carpets, and rugs. It arrives ready to be used on stairs, area rugs and even vehicle interiors. You don’t have to drag your big steam cleaner out of the closet. Just plug this baby in and clean stains in no time. Pro tip: Pretreat stains with Nature’s Miracle or Oxi Clean for super cleaning power.

    Pet stain bundle includes 32 oz. Pet Stain & Odor formula
    22-foot power cord
    Weighs 13 lb.

    LOVED BY: Pimm’s human
    BUY HERE, $138

    Bissell 19404 PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop
    Best for the germaphobe

    Sometimes drool spots can cling to linoleum and it takes a whole lot of elbow grease and harsh cleaners to get them out. But with a steam mop, you can easily disinfect your floors, removing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Odors don’t stand a chance against this handy machine.

    Takes 30 seconds to produce steam
    Odor Eliminating Fragrance Discs included
    Microfiber mop pad

    LOVED BY: Lisa B.
    BUY HERE, $79.99

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