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    The Last Thing Bullies Told Her To Do Was Hang Herself. That’s Just What She Did

    For the majority of teenagers, social media has become the new norm in terms of interacting with friends and classmates.

    Like most teens, 14-year-old Megan Evans spent a good amount of time tuning out of the real world and tuning in to her various accounts. However, it became clear that she was very much living a double life. To family and friends, she was the same happy-go-lucky girl that they knew and loved, but behind closed doors, she was hiding an emotional secret.

    Evans had been the victim of severe cyberbullying attacks that eventually pushed her to the brink.

    The taunting aimed at her was severe. One day, she received a message from one of her bullies telling her to just hang herself.

    Facebook / Nicola Harteveld

    When one of her younger siblings went to go ask her if she’d like to enjoy some quality time in the hot tub, they made the gruesome discovery that she had followed through with her bully’s request. She had hanged herself in the bathroom.

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