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    This Grown Ass Man Totally Misunderstood How Libraries Worked His Entire Life and His Realization Is Hilarious

    ublic consumption of literature is nothing new. Since the printing press was invented, humans have been eager to get their hands on great reads — books, magazines, what have you. Modern technology has made reading even more convenient, and we’re now able to access pretty much anything that’s ever been written in seconds.

    Companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple make it easier than ever to purchase any book, with a download always being a few taps and a credit card payment away. But there is one tried-and-true way to enjoy books that is — and always has been — 100 percent free.

    The library! One grown man recently discovered how libraries really work, and took to Reddit with a post beginning: “I feel like an idiot.” Keep scrolling to read this hilarious true tale.

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