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    Uping 200 LED String Lights | 66 ft with 8 Modes Starry Lights | DC 31V Low Voltage Transformer Suitable for Indoor, Outdoor, Party, Garden, Christmas | warm white

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    1.Acht Functional mode: For the parties, celebration, wedding or birthday with different themes you could enjoy the different light effects. Of course, this fairy lights also create a special-mood lighting. You can relax these lights completely.
    2.Extension: thanks to the plug connection behind each light chain, more lights can be linked to each other until it reaches your goal.
    3. Memory: using a built-in memory chip, she can remember the last time she glowed. Especially in the bedroom or apartment you always want the light chain to shine constantly and create a pleasant atmosphere. In this point, the reminder function plays an important role. But if you want to enjoy other mode, just press the controller until you find it last.

    Technical specifications:
    Color: warm white
    Number of lights: 200
    Eight function modes: Combination, Lightwave, Sequential, Glow, Flash, Fade, Glitter, Continuous lighting
    Distance between adjacent lights: 9.7cm
    Cable: 2.7M
    Working temperature: -5 ℃ -45 ℃
    Total length: 22M
    Diameter of cable: 1.6mm
    Life: 50000 hours
    Weight: 500g
    Voltage: 110-240V
    Waterproof: IP44

    Nevertheless, please do not use the water guard in the water. Thus her long life can be sustainedLED light chain with a total length of approx. 22m 2.7M supply line and 200 warm white LEDs on transparent cable
    There are 8 different light function modes: combination, wave form, successive, slowly becoming light, luminescent, slowly fading, glittering, luminous. With the controller you can select the 8 different functions.
    Ideal for Christmas, Easter and other events and holidays or just to give your home a warm and inviting flair.
    With a plug-in connection, you can link and use additional light chains, built-in surge protection (DC 31V low-voltage transformer) is highly secure.
    This LED light string is used for indoor and outdoor use, but only the cable and the bubbles are waterproof, please keep the switch in front of rain or water when you use the outdoor light chain.

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